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Crown Of Upheaval - Wulfheim - Abomination (CD, Album)

9 thoughts on “ Crown Of Upheaval - Wulfheim - Abomination (CD, Album)

  1. Branos
    1. For those that have never heard of you before, can you tell us a little bit about the band? OMEGAVORTEX plays BLACKEST DEATH exklusi.
  2. Akinoshura
    Doombringer are a band from Poland that plays a raw mixture of black and death metal and this is a review of the.
  3. Zulkill
    blogzine en español, creado con la intención de propagar el metal extremo en sus diferentes vertientes, donde podrás conocer las últimas noticias, entrevistas, exclusivas, portadas, reseñas, y demás abominaciones que vayan emergiendo en nuestro podrido planeta. Espacio exclusivo para el Death, Doom, Black, Grind, Industrial, Crust, Hardcore, Stoner, Thrash, Gore, Punk, y demás.
  4. Gardagore
    To Conceal The Horns is a solo project from Finland that plays a very dark and cosmic form of black metal and this is a review of his album "Purist" which will .
  5. Zulurisar
    This is a zine dedicated to black metal written by a practitioner of the black arts, This zine has been around in a different format for a while and I have decided to make an edition for myawamufdidesreirostowartheotramen.coinfo, for more information email [email protected], if you ask me for an album review or interview,dont ask me to take it down after it is posted, corrections or changes are ok.
  6. Samujora
    Norway's Burzum have returned with a new recording which continues showing him moving away from his black metal style and bringing in more of a mixture of dark ambient, dungeon synth, electronic and folk music and this is a review of his double album "Thulean Mysteries" which will be released in March by Byelobog Productions.
  7. Tauran
    Blood Rainbow - Upheaval / CD Blood Red Fog - Death Cult / CD Blood Red Fog - Demo I / Tape Crown Of Souls / CD Deeds of Flesh - Inbreeding The Anthropology / CD Deeds of Flesh - Of What's to Come / CD Insane Vesper - Abomination of Death / CD
  8. Tabar
    Recording information: Recorded in Málaga (Spain), between / Music arrangements produced and mixed by Wulfheim. Mastered by Wulfheim and J.R.P.
  9. Jubar
    / CD [MAA ] Atheria - Echo From Another Kingdom & Spectral Regression / CD [MAA ] Aversion to Mankind - Suicidology / CD [MAA ] Devlsy - A Parade Of States / CD [MAA ] Worthless Lament - Worthless Lament / CD [MAA ] As Light Dies - TLA Vol.1 / CD [MAA ] ColdWorld - The Stars Are Dead Now / CD

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